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Welcome to Highland Paving

Highland Paving Co, LLC is an owner operated firm providing high quality site work and paving services throughout Southeastern North Carolina. With hot mix asphalt plants located in Fayetteville and Wilmington, NC, Highland Paving provides site work and asphalt paving for property owners, developers, general contractors and government agencies throughout the Southeast region of NC. As owners of the firm, John McCauley, Brian Raynor and Albert McCauley are active in the daily operations of the business to insure that our customers receive the service and quality they have come to expect from our firm. At Highland Paving Co. our focus is on providing high quality materials and workmanship on time and on budget. Highland Paving possesses an Unlimited Unclassified license and has extensive experience with projects ranging from multimillion dollar highway construction to large commercial sites to small parking lots. Our dedicated team of professionals is ready to serve your site work and paving needs.

Fayetteville Plant

The Highland Paving Co Fayetteville facility is a state of the art computer controlled ASTEC 300 ton per hour hot mix asphalt plant. The plant is equipped with three 200 ton ASTEC silos and certified scales for efficient, accurate load out. The plant also utilizes the latest technology to reduce emissions and comply with the most stringent environmental standards. In addition to the production facility the Fayetteville plant also includes a fully NCDOT certified asphalt testing laboratory which is staffed by NCDOT certified design and testing technicians.

Leland Plant

Conveniently located just outside of Wilmington, NC near NC Hwy 74, the Highland Paving Co. Leland facility is a state of the art computer controlled ASTEC 300 ton per hour hot mix asphalt plant. The plant contains two 200 ton silos for storage and certified scales for efficient load out. The Leland plant utilizes the latest emissions and dust control technology and complies with all state and federal environmental standards. The Leland plant also includes a NCDOT certified asphalt testing laboratory which is staffed by an NCDOT certified technician for all your quality control needs.

Asphalt Paving

Highland Paving Co. operates five full time paving crews. Each crew is staffed with an experienced foreman and at least one NCDOT certified Roadway Technician. Our crews are provided with the latest in paving equipment utilizing electrically heated vibratory pavers and vibratory rollers to ensure that the asphalt we place complies with the most stringent standards and specifications. Highland Paving operates a number of our dump trucks to improve efficiency and provide more control of our schedule. Moreover, Highland Paving Co. utilizes an NCDOT approved Quality Control Assurance program which includes four full time traveling certified density roadway technicians who utilize the latest technology to monitor the mat for compliance with applicable standards.

Highland Paving has produced and placed millions of tons of hot mix asphalt for some of the most demanding customers in the nation including the Army Corps of Engineers, North Carolina Department of Transportation, Cities of Fayetteville and Wilmington and numerous other public and private customers. Please see our gallery page for photos and a list of completed paving projects.

Site Work

In addition to producing and placing hot mix asphalt, Highland Paving Co. provides a full range site preparation services. Our services and experience includes clearing, erosion control, earth work, storm drainage, water, sewer, curb and gutter placement of base materials prior to paving. Highland Paving currently operates five full time and fully equipped grading crews and two pipe crews. We have constructed sites of all sizes, from small commercial buildings to multimillion dollar shopping center, apartment and hospital sites. Please see our gallery for a sampling of the sites Highland Paving Co. has constructed.