The #1 choice for high quality paving in Southeastern North Carolina.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to be known as the first choice of asphalt consumers in the region for superior quality, on-time performance, value and integrity. Highland Paving, Co., LLC is focused on building and a maintaining a team of experience professionals dedicated to working together to provide customers with the finest asphalt products and reliable service.

Highland Paving is dedicated to providing the best possible services and products available– exceeding the industry standard and producing the regions most advanced and reliable results.

Work Ethic
At Highland Paving we believe that the region’s best paving products and services are built with a foundation of the region’s most dedicated and highly trained professionals.

Customer Satisfaction
Highland Paving has a reputation for satisfying a large range of customers– with both large scale and smaller scale projects and have built our reputation on making sure that we provide the best service money can buy.