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Sales & Estimating

At Highland Paving Co., our dedication to providing quality work on time starts with providing our customers with accurate estimates, quickly.

Contractors, developers and government agencies are accustomed to time pressures, and are often frustrated by delays in obtaining project estimates. A combination of experience and technology means our customers can expect accurate estimates to be produced quickly. Quality estimating means that our customers face fewer surprises or construction delays. We ask questions early then utilize modern technology and local experience to ensure that our customers begin a project with as much knowledge as possible.

The result is less stress and lower costs.

Fayetteville Area:


Every major construction project begins from the ground up.

Highland paving offers superior site-work packages- from land clearing to paving. There is no project too big for our experienced and technically skilled team. Here at Highland Paving, we understand the vital elements that are required to produce successful construction projects. We offer our clients timely, professional services with unparalleled quality and cost-effective measures.

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